When you make your health a priority you can expect side effects!  Side effects will include losing the roll, whittling your waistline, putting that little spring in your step, and frankly, aren't you just kind of over feeling meh? It's natural to feel heavy and blah at certain times of the year, and to feel the natural call to "clean house" aka clean, clear, brighten, reset, reboot the system. And that means detox aka a good cleanout...Don't let the word Detox scare you. This is not the kind of crazy eating program that has you hungry, grumpy, and not nice to be around because you are consuming just a lemon or 2 every day with a handful of sprouts to carry you through.

I'm talking about the kind of Detox that has you feeling nourished, bright, feeling good from head to toe, loved and cared for. The kind that leaves you feeling like a freshly cleaned room with the windows thrown open.

And the best part of this kind of Detox? At the end of the 11 days, you will have the kind of information about your own body that helps you make much better choices naturally once the Detox is over. You are a smart cookie, and I know without a doubt that you will understand more about your own health and wellness after our few weeks together. And what you discover and the changes you make will be sustainable to you. I know this without a doubt, because the things that feel good, and have you feeling good from the inside out are *not* hard to maintain.

And let me tell you friend, this is not the kind of journey to undertake alone. Go with someone.. This is kind of like a road trip. You get to choose whether you take a deep breath, hunker down and get it over with fast, OR if you take a few of your favorite people, pack great snacks, your favorite music, and stop fun places along the way.

Which one of these trips would you prefer to take? Me too!

I feel strong and healthy and energized! Most of all, I feel grateful for this experience and this gift to myself. May all women have and seize the opportunity to love themselves and take care of themselves in this way.


In addition to losing a few pounds, I feel so much more in touch with my body and am just generally feeling more content and loving my new routines. Instead of craving a slice of pizza when I’m stressed I’ve channeled the stress into cooking delicious and healthy meals! It has really been a transformation in more than just what I eat but how I think about food and how I feel about taking care of myself.


Thank you Cecily for your guidance and support during the program! I'm very glad I participated in the Detox. On a physical level, I now weigh 10 pounds less and I have been experiencing almost no hay fever as the trees are blooming here -- I can't remember not having spring allergies. I do feel some new power in preparing whole foods rather than reaching for a box of something salty to quell my hunger. I didn't get too adventurous with the recipes. I appreciate your amazing organization of the program and your responsiveness to everyone's questions and comments. I also enjoyed the energy of the online forum which helped keep me motivated.

- Kris

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Most of the women I work with are busy. The kind of busy that makes it seem logical, even noble that there is no time left to exercise or to make good food. Trust me, I do get it.. and when it is busy, you might actually find it gets easier when you have a plan for yourself, have lots of energy because you are doing what you know makes you feel best, and are healthy(read: not sick with the sniffles again) and strong because you've mostly stuck to what you know works for you.. Oh and you've got that extra zip that comes from being able to choose from any of your pants in the closet because you know they all fit.

Let's talk about how you can get there too.

Our bodies naturally want to clean house sometimes.  There are times when our organs and systems require a little extra support. For example, in the spring, we need to give extra love to our liver. Detoxing is a great way to do this.  Another great byproduct of a program like this is that allergies can be greatly reduced by understanding what triggers and exacerbates them. It just feels good to lighten up and listen to our bodies at any time of year.

  • Days 1-4

    These are the days to get ready. You might wean off coffee(not required), you read your materials, ask your questions, shop for any new items you might need and maybe do a bit of cooking to get yourself off to a good start.

  • Days 5-11

    These are Detox Days.  I must break this down into 2 halves.. You might be a bit ornery Monday and Tuesday. It happens. Your body will be readjusting and you might feel a bit off. Plan for good nights of sleep and time to be kind to yourself while your body adjusts. Wednesday – Sunday, you will likely feel phenomenal. Clear, happy, well adjusted and bright.

  • Days 12-15

    We reintroduce common trigger foods slowly so that you can understand what the effects are and if you are being affected by these foods.


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Detox is much more than a quick fix, lose weight, fad diet kind of experience. This program has been carefully crafted from my own questions, confusions and overwhelm through the years on what to do to feel good, age well, live well and love my life. I have known years where I needed to sleep a few hours in the middle of the day just to make it through.

My mission is to empower you to understand what to look for and to connect the dots in your own life to what makes you feel vibrant, bright, sexy and alive. And to do so in such a way that you want to keep some of the changes you discover(if you have ever made a dietary change, then you know well the difference between wanting to keep a change and doing so from every ounce of your willpower).

Let's do this together. Get ready to shake it up, have fun with the process, and learn together. I'm excited to have you in the program.

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